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Dé plek om jouw reis in rouw te ondersteunen


Deyja is een online ruimte ontworpen om de periode van rouw, verlies en verdriet te leren omarmen. Als bijzondere kans om te verstillen en onze eeuwenoude vragen rondom het leven en de dood te onderzoeken. 

Monthly Grief & Grace sessions

Grief comes in many forms. The loss of somebody, recent, or a loss that you have been carrying for years. The loss of a home, a job, a wish that remains unfulfilled. Grief means anything that brings you a sense of profound sadness. The monthly Grief & Grace sessions, guided by Fenja, the founder of DEYJA, are a safe resting place to be with that grief. Not as a way to rid ourselves of it, but as a possibility to weave grief into our because grief is a guest that appeared at your doorstep.


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Om je ziel te verwarmen en je hart te verzachten

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