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  • francis-weller-the-wild-edge-of-sorrow.j

    Francis Weller

    Noted psychotherapist Francis Weller provides an essential guide for navigating the deep waters of sorrow and loss in this lyrical yet practical handbook for mastering the art of grieving. Through moving personal stories, poetry, and insightful reflections he leads us into the central energy of sorrow.  read more →

  • falling-out-of-grace-mediations-on-loss-

    Falling Out of Grace, Meditations on Loss, Healing and Wisdom

    Sobonfu Somé

    In this profound and sensitive work, African spiritual teacher Sobonfu Somé invites readers to discover in the setbacks they encounter in life, a path to healing and rebirth. Her message is drawn from the ancient wisdom teachings of her village in Burkina Faso, and her experiences over more than a decade in the West.  read more →

  • Stephen-Levine_Who-dies-An-investigation

    Who dies?

    Stephen and Ondrea Levine

    Who Dies?  has been one of the first books showing us to open to the immensity of living with death, to participate fully in life as the perfect preparation for whatever may come next. Stephen and Ondrea Levine provide calm compassion rather than the frightening melodrama of death.  read more →

  • consciousness-beyond-life-pim-van-lommel

    Consciousness beyond life

    Pim van Lommel

    In his book Consciousness Beyond Life, Pim van Lommel step by step explains how people who are clinically dead can still have such a penetrating near-death experience. He says it is an authentic experience that cannot be traced to fantasy, psychosis or oxygen deprivation. It opens up the age-old question of what happens when you die and what happens after death. read more →

  • Sheldrake-Fox-Book-Physics-of-Angels.jpg

    The physics of angels

    Matthew Fox and Rupert Sheldrake 

    Creating a profound, intelligent vision of angels based on evolutionary science and the best of the Western religious tradition, Matthew Fox and Rupert Sheldrake chart new territory in the relationship between religion and science.  read more →

  • relax-you-are-going-to-die_deyja-platfor

    Relax, je gaat toch dood

    Tai Sheridan

    Beneath the surface, many anxieties, worries, and fears are associated with death. 'Relax, You Are Going To Die' is a collection of poems and an invitation from writer, philosopher and Zen master Tai Sheridan to examine our relationship with death and open our ability to live with grace and dynamic vitality. read more →

  • the-light-between-us-books-deyja-intercu

    Het licht tussen ons

    Laura Lynne Jackson

    In The Light Between Us, renowned psychic medium Laura Lynne Jackson shares her personal story while also teaching us how we can also look for messages from our loved ones who have passed. read more →

  • tibetaanse-boek-dood_deyja-platform-dood

    The Tibetan book of the dead

    (Bardo Thodol)

    The Bardo Thötröl is a famous Tibetan Buddhist scripture that provides insight into the stages of the mind during and after the dying process. Perhaps not the easiest’s of books, but a travel through a hallucinatory and colorful world and according to Carl Jung "of unparalleled superiority in psychology and critical philosophy." read more →

  • The journey home

    Lee Caroll

    A fictional story about Michael Thomas. After a serious accident that brings him very close to death, Michael Thomas is visited by an angel who asks him what he really wants from life. His deepest wish is to "go home." read more →


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