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A Personal grief trajectory with Leoni: Reiki, Ritual & Sensual Wisdom

A personal healing trajectory consisting of 4 (online or real-life) sessions with energy worker Leoni van de Water. To help you to work through your grief and loss in a soothing and meaningful way. Leoni will support you with energy healing, body work and coaching.

Whether you lost someone recently or long ago, whether it is a relationship that has ended, or any other significant loss—these sessions will support you moving through your grief process. They will help you to work you through your pain, bring you closer to yourself, and enable you to surrender to life (again).


In this 4-session trajectory consisting of 1:1 healing sessions (online or real-life in Amsterdam), I use a combination of Reiki, sensual wisdom, and ritual to support you in your grief process.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that helps you to become (more) whole. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese Words. 'Rei' which means the 'Higher Power' and Ki which is 'Life Force Energy’.

Sensual wisdom is our ability to effortlessly make contact with our bodymind; the intelligence of the body. Because our body knows exactly what we need to find peace, balance and healing. Sensual is an incredible force and inner support system for your grief process.

Through intentional rituals we can nurture our personal connection and wellbeing. For you I will create a custom-designed ritual that honors your loss and the relationship you had with the lost one. The ritual supports you in finding release and inspiration to let the love—that will always be—flow ever more freely. 

Our sessions include

- Finding meaning, insights and wisdom through a new and revitalized relationship with (the) death

- A gentle and loving space for your grief, wherever you are in your grief process

- A soothing energetic cleanse to recharge and support body, mind and soul in times of grief

- A personal ritual to honor the love and wisdom of your lost loved one and the relationship you had—and although in a new form still have—with him/her

- New ways to relate to and stay connected with your lost loved one (in a way that suits you)

About Leoni

With her background as a spiritual counsellor, Reiki master, and Shakti Tantra teacher, Leoni developed a unique, intuitive approach to support women to live from their essence. She uses both ancient wisdom, as well as scientifically validated methods to transform and heal. Leoni teaches both Sensual Wisdom as well as Reiki to others in special programs, and for Deyja created a unique grief program combining all of her work: ritual, reiki and sensual wisdom.


4-Session trajectory 389 euro

Apply for the 4-session trajectory or to get more information

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