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Documentary: Empty your mind and sooth your soul with My Octopus Teacher

It is a story as old as time, and yet totally new in todays’ world. About a human that befriends a wild animal. About a unique and unlikely relationship. About our human relation to nature. And also about inevitable loss and endings. My Octopus Teacher is a story that has the power to empty the mind and sooth the soul.

The documentary “My Octopus Teacher” is a story about a man befriending the strangest kind of animals: an octopus. A sea creature that shows us amazing human-like qualities. And in that connection a surprising friendship grows.

Octopuses are animals that don’t live very long, about one year. But yet, in that year she lives her life creatively, curiously, and fully. The South-African filmmaker Craig Foster, gets to spend an octopus lifetime with this unique animal.

Finding himself at home with a burnout, Foster starts to observe an octopus during his free dives in the cold ocean. And slowly a relationship develops in which he not only learns about her fascinating behavior and strategies but about how our connection to nature can give new meaning and purpose to our own life again.

A story that has the power to empty the mind and sooth the soul.

See the documentary on Netflix.

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