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Eva de Vleeshouwer lost her twin sister

When you lose a loved one, you are not only left with the emptiness, but also with objects and clothing full of memories. What do you do with that? Eva could not just throw away the clothes of her deceased twin sister Hanna. She had a fair trade carpet made with it.

“I have a box with Hanna's stuff. Letters that we used to write to each other. The teddy bear from our crib. Photos, lots of photos. And items of clothing that I can't get rid of. The pajamas she wore in her last weeks reminds me a lot of Hanna. ”

Eva De Vleeschouwer lost her twin sister to breast cancer four years ago. “We lost Hanna a year after her diagnosis. She had a very aggressive tumor, there were metastases and the chemo did not work. It didn't look good from the start. Yet we didn't really realize how bad it was. ”

“After her death, Hanna's clothes were left in my apartment for a long time. I wasn't sure what to do with it. Until I heard about Carpet of Life. That appealed to me. I see it as a tribute to Hanna. I support a good cause, and also keep a nice memory for myself. ”

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