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Friends, family and personal memories come together in Hendrikje's carpet

Hendrikje opted for a design of three horizontal diamonds, the symbolism of connection and togetherness appealed to her enormously.

The clothes she collected for her carpet are a nice mix of various experiences and persons. Hendrikje spent a lot of time abroad. She lived in Guinea for a year, where she discovered all kinds of colorful fabrics at local markets, which she had transformed into skirts and dresses at local tailors. Some of them did not survive traveling after a few years (read: holes and stains) and then ended up in her carpet, the colorful fabrics make a nice contrast with the white base. She mixed these diverse garments from travel experiences with clothes from friends and family.

In this way the carpet became a real commemorative rug and it is also the conversation starter when friends or family visit: "what would my piece of clothing be used in?" After some searching and detecting, everyone will find his / her contribution!

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- Eva


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