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In nature lies the lesson of change

Musings about life and death. By Fenja

Musings about life and death. Fenja writes about how in nature lies the lesson of change.
In nature lies the lesson of change

By looking into nature we can see the lesson of dynamic change-ness permeating life. The same view can one moment look one way, the other instant not quite the same. A traveling ray of light, gentle flowing water, the subtle sweeping of the wind—all participating in the beautiful cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth.

Either if it is witnessing an undeniable beautiful landscape, a rock setting the stage for the ancient dialogue between stone and ocean, or the sun soflty putting its beams on a few blades of grass ... everything is elementary sustained: rain nourished, moon showered, sun bathed, star lit en this dance of the elements alchemizing to create, sustain and destroy life in perfect harmony. Ever-lasting change.

I like to remember that I am a part of this process, and wherever I am in life I try, however easy or hard, to accept + invite + surrender to the fact that change, death, impermanence is there and should always be welcomed. Remembering, again and again, that things will shift, things will change, and each moment, every feeling, each form is fleeting, no matter what.

Observe and see the moment, seek the beauty in it, and then simply trust and be patient until the next.

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