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Poem: Relax You're Going to Die

Relax You’re Going to Die

If you want full aliveness

which is presence and deep peace

which is acceptance of your living and dying

within the very big cosmic living and dying

Then take a fresh spring breath

and exhale whatever you are holding on to

in your body emotions mind spirit

and die into this precise moment

Fighting death is fighting life

if you have ever been trout fishing

you know that a fish on a hook won’t relax

how could he know about catch and release

which is what the universe is

always doing with your life

There is only one mantra

one string of sacred words

that makes any sense

which will relieve you

of the sleepless nights

locked jaws addictive habits

anxious days depressed emotions

beating yourself up

Living as if your life

isn’t the heartbeat of god

the breath of buddha

the prayer of allah

the blood of christ

the embodiment

of everything

you call holy

In still waters golden light

may you imbibe the gentle truth

Relax, you’re going to die.

From the collection of poems,

Image Karina Cukierman .


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