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Documentary: Ram Dass, Going home

At the age of 80 and limited in his speech by a cerebral hemorrhage, he takes us on a journey through his sharp, sensitive and rich mind. He talks about the end of life, human consciousness, love, life and ultimately death.

Ram Dass

Ram Dass is a former Harvard professor of clinical psychology who advocated the expansion of consciousness–with or without LSD. Born under the name of Richard Alpert, he gave up his academic career, moved to India and grew into his role as a spiritual teacher and transformed into the person we know as Ram Dass.

Going Home

The short documentary "Ram Dass, Going Home" is about life and death. Deep insights are accompanied by an almost pleasant feeling around the human end that, ultimately, awaits us all. The documentary can be watched on Netflix (duration 31 minutes). A short video of Ram Dass "what do you believe happens after death?" you can watch here.


Deyja is an intercultural investigation into death, grief and loss. An online space to use the period of grief and mourning as special opportunity into silence and to discover answers to humanity's eternal questions about life and death.


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