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Sherri Mitchell: We are all tied to a lineage of love

"We are all tied to a lineage of love that has existed since time immemorial. Even if we haven't had a direct experience of that love, we know that it exists and has made an indelible imprint on our souls.

It's remarkable to think that the entire span of human life exists within each one of us, going all the way back to the hands of the Creator. In our bodies we carry the blood of our ancestors and the seeds of the future generations. We are a living conduit to all life.

When we contemplate the vastness of the interwoven network that we are tied to, our individual threads of life seem far less fragile. We are strengthened by who we come from and inspired by the those who will follow.”

Sherri Mitchell Weh'na Ha'mu Kwasset in Sacred Instructions; Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit-Based Change.

Photo by @joshualambus, post via the beautiful @stellarfolk


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