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Surrender, surrender, surrender

Can you SURRENDER to the pain, loss, sadness ... Just be and accept what you feel, fully?

Because when you are able to accept,

not only the fact of death,

But also accept the fact that

whatever you feel at this moment

Rather than thinking it shouldn’t be

And say yes, SURRENDER, to both of that

—the loss and the grief that you feel—

Bring an acceptance to that

Rather then thinking it shouldn’t be

Then you go beyond unhappiness

That is where deep healing and transformation

Takes place.

If you can be with grief,


not resist it internally.

It becomes transformed into a spiritual deepening.

You get to a very deep place within yourself.

And in that very deep place within yourself

A great deepening happens.

And suddenly you go so deep that you realise.

That death is not ultimately real.

It is a deep knowing, that the essence of life is formless.

The essence of who you are, is formless.


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