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Book: The journey home

"The Journey to Home" is a fictional story full of insights about the circumstances life. A story that has the power to open our view about life and death.

The Journey to Home

The story is about Michael Thomas, who, after a serious accident that brings him very close to death, is visited by an angel who asks him what he really wants from life. His deepest wish is to "go home." As a result, he ends up on a journey and adventure full of new information and insights so that his "journey home" can really begin.

Books on life and death

Read with an open heart and mind, the story of Michael Thomas can give us new ideas about life. About how life's circumstances could be consciously programmed. The adventures of Michael Thomas have the power to connect us with a deeper sense of self, and experience a fuller life every day.


Deyja is an intercultural investigation into death, grief and loss. An online space to use the period of grief and mourning as special opportunity into silence and to discover answers to humanity's eternal questions about life and death. Read more books in the deyja book collection. Or order 'The Journey Home' online.


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