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Book: The Light between Us, Stories from Heaven. Lessons for the Living

For many years Laura Lynne Jackson kept her personal and professional lives separate; by day she was a high school English teacher, but at night she would be having private phone conversations with all kinds of people including celebrities, musicians, astronauts, politicians and CEOs, in an effort to help them speak to their loved ones who had died.

The Light Between Us

In The Light Between Us, she shares her personal story and teaching us how we can also look for messages from our loved ones who have passed. She shares how her gift is not particular to her, but is is something we can all learn.

Essays, videos, books

Deyja is an intercultural investigation into life and death. We share essays, videos, books and personal stories on endings, dying, death and loss. Tools for coping with pain and grief. To support our personal proces of transformation and mourning. We deal with questions such as “What happens when you die?”, “How to accept pain and loss in our lives?”, “How to give support to someone grieving” and “What happens after death?”


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