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The story of Hilde and her twin sister

Hilde co-created a beautiful carpet from which the symbolism and memories spring off.

Hilde's twin sister Lieve committed suicide a few years ago. In the carpet, which Hilde herself designed, not only literally the garments of the two sisters come together, but also figuratively the two worlds.

The dark blue and red side reflect (and are the clothes of) Lieve, the brighter right side reflects Hilde. To come together in the middle in the form of a gigantic diamond, the symbol of the weaving art of the makers for togetherness, coming together, a moment to share stories. The clothes of both sisters come together in the diamond.

This unique work of art is now hanging behind a glass wall in Hilde's entrance hall, every time you walk into the house, you can admire the carpet and take all the memories, beautiful and less easy, with you.

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