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Words by deyja: Out of the wound the teacher emerges

What can we learn from death? What does it have to tell us? What unfolds from that open wound?

The cost is high, but so is its reward in wisdom. That is, if we allow ourselves time and opportunity.

When instead of covering the wound, drowning it with whatever substance, to be open, to be felt, we’ll discover it can guide and teach. Awakening our senses and open our hearts, as we become more aware of this waking dream.

By feeling and listening, by crying and mourning, by opening and emptying, we’ll see pain and separation, yet in the same instant light and wholeness that echoes through the universe as a soothing breeze. That thing we keep looking for although we maybe do not know exactly what that is.

And so when we embrace that state of pain. Not resisting the wound, the feeling—free-falling into sorrow and grief, that’s where we’ll find an opening. In that opening we’ll find some space. And in that space we’ll find some answers and peace. About life, about death, about the circle of eternity.


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