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Video: Alan Watts, going into death with eyes wide open

“Going into death with eyes wide open” is a discourse from the famous Zen Philosopher Alan Watts—vividly explaining that the reason we die, is to give the opportunity to understand what life is all about.

Alan Watts

Alan W. Watts was an English philosopher, writer and speaker. He became particularly known as one of the pioneers who has made Eastern philosophy known to a wide Western audience. He regularly said that he wanted to be a bridge between the old and modern, East and West, culture and nature. He wrote more than twenty-five books on important topics within Eastern and Western religions and was an inspiration for the entire generation.

Video messages

From experience we have learned that video messages can be used as powerful tools in our personal process of grief, loss, and mourning. We greatly believe in the words of the poet Rumi: "The wound is the place where the light enters". Opening ourselves to those difficult feelings is of great importance. Therefore the power of these messages do not lie in hearing them once, but transformation is born out of time, contemplation, and repetition. The repetition of these messages make space for an opening where the light can enter us, and thus become part of our new being and consciousness.


Deyja is an intercultural investigation into life and death. We share inspiration on dealing with death, grief and loss. Tools for coping with pain and mourning. To support our personal proces of transformation and mourning. We deal with questions such as “What happens when you die?”, “How to accept pain and loss in our lives?”, “How to give support to someone grieving” and “What happens after death?”

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