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An invigorating space about death, grief,

and loss.

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In our present-day society, we do not live with death and endings as an inseparable part of life. While during the last centuries we have prolonged human life significantly, at the same time we have banished her to an almost invisible concept. And so when death or loss happens, expectedly or unexpectedly, we have no idea how to deal with it, where to place it in our expanding worldview, let alone hear what it might have to tell us.


Deyja is an online space designed to use the period of grief and mourning as a special opportunity into silence. To discover answers to humanity's eternal question about life and death. Learning to embrace death and ending things as an inevitable part of life not only helps us deal with loss, but can cause a spiritual awakening that leads to living life more fully every day.


Deyja, an invigorating space about death, grief and loss.

the story

behind deyja

In 2015, at the age of 33, and in the midst of a great travel, I lost my big love. Suddenly everything changed; not only my life, my future and our dreams, but also my idea of ​​death and what that actually is, life.


The acceptance of my immense loss appeared to cause an opening. I experienced that when you can fully accept loss—a hundred procent and without concessions—next to the deep pain, it can also give way to an immense feeling of lightness and clarity. I found out that life takes on a new meaning when we realize that death is just a transition to another place of existence. That our physical bodies are only part of something that is larger than appears.


My wish therefore is that this online space can do the same for all of those who find themselves in that time of pain, grief and mourning. A place for peace, reflection, support and comfort during those hard times. 


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