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Ram Dass: Our souls do not live in time and space

Our souls do not live in time and space.

And the soul land you enter into

Is not …

A place

And it is not temporal.

The dyings persons’ projection

Is what they get.

And while you are in the soul place

There is a guide, or a guru,

Or an angel …

Or something

That will help you decide where you go next.

And he has, or she has

Knowledge of your past incarnations.

And knows your karma.

And the next incarnation will work out your karma.

I can’t tell you what the image is,

Because it’s time and space.

You then get …

To review incarnations that cure.

I think cure …

Cure of your past karma.

That’s what you are in now.

Words of the ever comforting Ram Dass, from the video “What do you believe happens after death.” Beautiful image by @hey.luisa.

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