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Video: Mooji on feelings of grief and the wish to just escape

Mooji reads a letter from someone who has recently lost their partner, and is experiencing feelings of grief and a wish to just escape from this feeling. Mooji’s response is beautifully universal and touches on grief, loss, as well as relationships and attachments in general.

We are shown how to make use of these difficult feelings and pain for our awakening. “The pain has a role to play. It will clean something, refresh something, awaken something. Many people, their true spiritual life blossomed out of tragedy and pain.”

This excerpt is available as a downloadable on Mooji.TV:

This is an excerpt from the Satsang, "Mooji Answers — The Master Key to All Problems" Available on Mooji.TV:


Mooji is a contemporary spiritual teacher focusing on self-examination. With his warm charisma and Jamaican humor he unmasks many veils of life. For him, self-realization does not mean something that you have to acquire, something that is outside of you and that you must acquire, but self-realization is within everyone's reach, because it exists within you, it is you. After losing a child, Mooji has a very beautiful message around death, loss and mourning—one that honors this precious time, instead of wanting to running away from it.

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