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Book: Relax, you're going to die

The controversial title "Relax, you're going to die" is a contemplative and spiritual exploration of death written by the author, poet-philosopher and zen priest Ph.D Tai Sheridan.

Collection of poems

Through a series of short poems, we are not only invited to our relationship with death, but also to open our capacity to live with grace and dynamic vitality.

The poems invite us to better understand and deepen our relationship with the mystery of life and death. A foundation that can then form the basis for a of living a wise, kind, and beneficial life. Because under the surface we associate many fears and worries with death. Sheridan says that question of death and dying is an inseparable part of a spinning two headed coin: one side says "die" and the other side says "live". This book was written in order to help us see the spinning coin more clearly and to help deepen our relationship to the mystery of living and dying.

Here we share one of our favorite poems from the book.

Death Isn’t Abstract

Death isn’t

an abstract event

Making it abstract intellectual

a belief or other worldly

protects you from deep grief

To make peace with death

you need to make

peace with grief

It requires tremendous

inner strength to dwell deeply

inside the loss of those

you dearly love

It requires

the same strength

to dwell deeply

inside the knowledge

that you will lose

your precious life

You may tend to avoid

accepting the biggest truth

about living which is

that everything dies

Deep acceptance will

change you forever

You can find the entire collection of poems online, in print or ebook.

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