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Meditation: Honoring Life

One way to deal with death, is to honor life. The podcasts and guided meditations of Live Awake can be soothing life-deepening experiences. Sarah Blondin’s words have the power to strike a cord deep in our inner landscape—into life’s landscape in general, but also into the desolate view of grief, loss and mourning.

The podcast/meditation below, Honoring Life, is a reminder that life is a gift. A raucous, riotous, astonishing gift for us to revel in. A gift that moves in circles and takes shape in a thousand different forms. It is that thing we call life that is there to be seen, to felt, to be honored.


Deyja is an intercultural investigation into life and death. We share insights and inspiration on death, dying, life, endings, and loss. Tools, comfort and support in our personal proces of grief, transformation and mourning. We deal with questions such as “What happens when you die?”, “How to accept pain and loss in our lives?”, “How to give support and comfort to someone grieving”, “How to cope with the loss of a loved one” and “What happens after death?”


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